This is Your Moment!

When there’s blood and pain and ache and tears.

When it doesn’t just seem hard but it’s hard.

When you are shouting at your wall and almost breaking glass. Hiding and telling your friends ‘sorry I can’t make it to that party’ cause your eyes are red and swollen and NO, it can’t be mistaken for make-up or a new colored tattoo.

When you scream ‘why me?’ to no one in particular, muttering ‘this can’t be happening to me’ every nano second.

Now that’s the moment!

That’s the moment you were born for, cause it amplifies your true purpose, potential and super “giftedness”.

If fighters never had a fight, how will they be named?

If soldiers never had a war, what will they be called?

Cause in the darkest places is when we can be light best.

In the toughest places is when we can show forth what we’re made of.

And it is in the fire when we can be the miracle baby and say after the day ‘today, I walked through fire and did not get burnt’

Cause friend, you are a warrior, don’t you know. You are more than a fighter didn’t you realize. You were put on this battle ground because He believes in you.

You can, you can, it’s no motivation, it’s the truth. The truth about you.

So before you break glass, un-clench your fist and break fear.
The moment you want to run from is the moment you were made for.
So don’t run. Stand and fight. Be here. Be totally here. Don’t medicate.Like the heroes in our movies, conflict is climax. We are at the edge of our seats for that moment they get to face the bad guy. It’s usually towards the end and everything that happened at the beginning points to this very point.

Hero, yes you, do you feel like a Hero at all? But what if your reality was a dream and your dream is your true reality? What if? What if you woke strong and brought to life all that’s been placed within you? What if you start now? Don’t break glass, break fear.

Warrior, winner, fighter, overcomer, conqueror,

those names aren’t just fashion labels, they are who you are. The stage is set, climb. We are clapping cause we know you already won.

Yes this is your moment.

Remind yourself you’re a winner when you feel like a loser.

Don’t break glass, break fear.

The King’s Son


Leaving The Pain Behind I

Lord, i don’t want to feel this way anymore…
I thought that if my pain touched their lives, I’d feel better…I didn’t.
I thought that by holding it over their heads, I’d feel better…I didn’t.
I thought that by telling everyone what had been done to me, I’d feel better…I didn’t;
It only cost me friends and kept the pain alive longer.
I thought if only they would acknowledge how wrong they have been (and how right I have been) I’d feel better…they didn’t and so i felt worse.
I thought time would make me feel better, it helped but it didn’t heal because there were still too many things that triggered old memories.
I thought by moving someplace else I’d feel better…I didn’t; I only changed addresses not what was going on inside of me.

But FINALLY! I see light at the end of the tunnel; I see dawn breaking, Two Things That Work! Not in the twinkle of an eye, nor overnight, but gradually, patiently and with consistency…

1. A decision to forgive and keep on forgiving till it hurts no more.
2. A cry to God for help “Jeremiah 31:18 – turn thou me, and i shall be turned”.
THEN! Would a man say with all confidence ”…God has made me forget all my troubles – Gen 41:50 ”

How to do these you wonder; it is so simple I almost didn’t believe it myself; follow me:

1. Refuse to live like a victim
Someone with a victim mentality thinks life happens to her; she remains helpless. She’s not involved in creating her own experience. She looks at her circumstances and asks, “Why me?” She’ll blame her situation — not having enough money, a dead- end job, an unsupportive spouse, or the demands of children — and use it as her excuse for not pursuing her dreams. But you have to decide to stop looking for sympathy instead look for solutions and accept responsibility for your future; and the easiest way to go about this is to live a life of gratitude, whenever you notice yourself slowly slipping into self-pity and self-centredness remind yourself of the things you got going for you, ask yourself “does someone else have it worse somewhere on this planet?” and remember be nice to yourself, getting out of a victim mentality can be hard. Some days you will slip. That’s ok. Be ok with that.

2. Isolate the problem
Do not let what one or two people did to you infect every other relationship in your life. Understand that every man is as different as is their finger prints and everyone isn’t out to get you or crush you. Men are not against you; they are merely for themselves; remember that always.

3. Let ”perfect love” heal your scars
God’s love for you is the only love perfect enough to cast out all your fears; your fear of ever loving or trusting again, fear of trusting yourself, fear of been known and rejected; let God’s timeless and unconditional love heal you, not some lovers or career or drugs, or sex…Let Go! And Let God!

4. Don’t stop with just receiving and receiving from God
Once you’ve been healed by God’s love and acceptance, turn your focus outwards and help someone out, help others receive healing through this perfect love also, help make others whole too. For you can only keep what you give away

PERSONALISE THIS VERSE OF THE SCRIPTURE – Genesis 41: 51-52 NIV – ”… God has made me forget all my troubles. …God has made me fruitful in the land of my suffering” and make it your canticle, when the enemy tries to corrupt your thoughts with wanton ideas and notions, remind the belligerent fool who your father is and what He’s done for you. Remind him that all things work together for your good, and that nothing, absolutely no occurrence in your life is by coincidence, happenstance or chance. Every experience you have had from the moment you were born up until now and even while you were in your mother’s womb has made you who are today.

The things that happened to you especially during your earliest years, determine how you will react and act to situations and circumstances for the rest of your life; but because you are reading this post today, it shows that you are still standing, you’ve not been consumed by whatever it is you’ve been through; and my dear, therein lies your assignment, therein lies purpose, therein lies an avenue to channel your energies, your resources, your pain, your strengths; for within every situation lies a hidden opportunity.

Take advantage of your past and use it to the glory of God.
Stay strong!

My First

A story, a line, a faint memory is all that’s left…of you, of us…
A thought, a picture, a feeling is all there is to hold on to;
Why did I let you go? Why didn’t I give you a chance? Why didn’t I fight harder and longer? Why did I give up on you so easily? Why?! Oh! Why!
I heed what the world was saying; I heed the fear that threatened to choke me;
And I let you slip away…

I was shamed at my own cowardice; and sought to forget; and for a time I thought it all a dream;
Or perhaps a faint memory of a book read or a song heard; but Alas! I remember!
It’s all coming back like a flood; the pain, the regrets, the hesitation, the doubts, the fear;
Oh! The fear! I could literally slice through with a knife; a fear that was torn betwixt two…
Oh! My love! I am so sorry; I was simply terrified; I was weak; I was but a coward, a whimpering fool;
But don’t be too quick to judge me; I really tried!
I fought, I struggled, I even tried reasoning; with the shadows that sought to consume me;
For as a man chased by faceless and nameless characters, I feared!
…for my future; for the security I’d even come to take for granted; for this comfortable zone I’d come to call “my life”.
Yet I feared! For my faith and for you…
But selfishness overcame me like a lone ship on a stormy sea; and thus my fear for me eclipsed all others;
For to hold onto you was to acknowledge defeat; to hold onto you was to acknowledge failure;
…to hold onto you my love was to have life as I’ve known it come to an abrupt end; those I love turn their backs on me…
…or so i thought…
I miss the memory of you; I miss the feel of you; I miss you; I wish you were here;
For all I see now are pictures; all I have now are memories…
Of what could have been…
I’ll never hold you in my arms; I’ll never sing you a lullaby;
You’ll never play out in the sun or feel the rain as it pours;
I’ll never hear the pattering of your tiny feet; I’ll never see your lovely smile;
I’ll never know what makes you cry; you’ll never draw funny pictures of me;
You’ll never; I’ll never…oh! What finality!
But I promise you my love; I will not forget you;
Not this time; not ever, not again.

To all the babies who were aborted, miscarried, thrown away or given up for adoption and never had a chance to just be;
And to all the mothers who were raped, abused, lied to, beaten, threatened and taunted and had to give up their babies; and to the little girls been bred as animals, who are but babies in themselves but have to watch as their babies are ripped from their breasts and sold to the highest bidder;
To you this note I write…

Stay Strong! This is not the end of your story!

For The Brave Only by Oluwatobi Onadipe

WARNING!!! This post isn’t for everyone; it is most definitely not for the faint hearted nor the wannabes, it is neither for the people pleasers nor those who have concluded that they would rather be forever stuck in a mask of conformity; NO! So I don’t want to be giving on here theological debates and philosophical what-nots, I don’t want to be seeing comments and unsolicited advice and opinions I need not be seeing…I know my audience and my audience know me. #EnoughSaid!

So who am I writing to? I’m writing to those who are ready to face an onslaught of opposition, retribution and maybe even threats. I’m writing to those who are wise enough to be wrong, strong enough to be weak, those who are brave enough to be afraid, to question a pattern, to go against the norm, to break the rules, I’m writing to those who are big enough to be little, secure enough to be broken. For what is broken; hear me now! WHAT IS BROKEN IS WHAT GOD BLESSES!

So here it is; I have a few questions for you…take your time and answer as honestly as you possibly can.
Have you reached a point in your life where you feel you’ve hit rock-bottom? Are you wondering if God is real, if this whole Christianity thing isn’t just a hoax, a figment of someone’s imagination? Are you frustrated and feeling like you’re running on empty? Do you want to serve people, reach out to people, and actually measurably impact lives not just attending to an endless supply of committee, fund-raising and project management meetings? Is the degree at which you’re experiencing God waning as each day passes by? Do you want to encourage people to live the God-kind of life, like you once experienced it not teaching or manipulating or subtly threatening them into committing to services and programs? Are you no longer filled with the love of Jesus like you were the very first day you believed in him? Do you want to teach dependence on Christ and not on finding security in being part of a church, a group or a society? Do you feel like the more you do for God the further he gets away from you? Like the more activities you get involved in and the more the committees you sit on, the more disillusioned you get? Or maybe you’ve been keeping yourself distracted by repeatedly telling yourself how that God is using you immensely to touch lives and He probably is, I don’t doubt that, or you’ve been keeping yourself really busy with all sorts of charitable ventures, serving with all that you have, just so you don’t give in to all such questions, and instead you console yourself with the fact that you have a lot to be grateful for, which actually you do, I don’t doubt that either…YET you sense that constant companion; that hollowness in your heart, that reminds you of an unsatisfied craving, an insatiable hunger, an all-consuming desire for more than all these that you’re getting.

Well…I’m not going to tell you all that christianese jargon we all know how to whip out and wield so well, Naaaaa, I’m not going to tell you not to live by sight but by faith and that you should stay positive and not bother yourself with all such questions when souls are perishing; nor will I tell you that you have done a lot of wonderful things for God and He’ll honour you in due season, I’m not going to give you a motivational speech and get you all high on feel-good emotions; trust me, you’ll feel good but only for a fleeting moment, so I would not even bother to give you any of that crap about how you just have to stay faithful and focused and not trust your feelings nor would I try to bolster your spirit with soothing but empty platitudes. No, I won’t do any of that. Because, you know what?! It is good that you feel this way; that you have these questions and seek these answers, you have a right to your feelings and any other such questions you might have and you also have a right to answers, yes! In fact you have just taken a step in the right direction. As a matter of fact, you should be applauded for your courage to treat your spiritual life as something real, as something not passive but active, as something tangible. If the truth be told, your honesty demonstrates a high level of faith and spiritual maturity that most do not possess.

See, you have to understand something, and I’m saying this categorically; this is a big deal, this life in Jesus is a real thing. It is not some game, IT IS THE REAL DEAL and one thing I’ve learnt in my little time on planet earth, working with different people from different walks of life, with different opinions, ideologies and perspectives about God, love and life generally is that when people begin to sense that something is wrong, when people start to question the validity of the path they are treading, the very essence of their existence, the purpose of a journey they’ve embarked on, you know what I’ve found out? Something usually is wrong.

So if in any way you can relate to any of the questions I’ve asked so far or you’ve answered “Yes” to any of the questions, then my dearest dear, it is to you I write this note. Pardon the epistle; I really tried to make it as concise as possible…

So, fellow puzzled and question-filled friend, you are not alone. I’m going to share a few timeless mysteries with you…

First, do you know what this whole thing is about? This journey, the questions, this race, purpose, validity, security, freedom! It is about life; it is about God’s authentic life filling your own and taking over and like Blaise Pascal said in his book Pensees “There is a God-shaped vacuum in the heart of every person, and it can never be filled by any created thing. It can only be filled by God, made known through Jesus Christ.” (Romans 1:20-23 – This is the passage I think of whenever this phrase comes to mind). God wants to consume you so much so that you no longer entertain any doubts about His realness and substance. It is the kind of intimate relationship that Adam enjoyed when he walked and rubbed mind with God in the garden of Eden, and God intimated him on His extensive strategy to take the world back to himself by manifesting his reality to the world through you and I. (That is why till date the entire creation groans and wails, yet joyfully anticipating the manifestation and the demonstrations of the sons of God. Read Romans 8:18-21, but we are too busy playing church, like someone so succinctly put it “God has called us to be fishers of men but we are too busy tending an aquarium”).
It is the kind of life Jesus lived that was more than sufficient to meet every need he faced, from bringing back to life a man dead for four days, to turning water into wine with just a word, to feeding multitudes with a little boy’s lunch, to healing a very sick woman who had been bleeding for many years with just a touch from the hem of his robe. This life is not some philosophical thought you can just give rise to through some deep reflections and stuff as if by magic or some kind of theological abstraction to be debated. It is fullness. It is life! It is freedom. It is love unconditional. It is joy unspeakable! It is peace-nothing missing, nothing broken; no matter what happens. This is the kind of life that he came to have everyone partake of, everyone who will let go trying to be in-charge of their own lives and embrace His plans and His thoughts.
It is certainly not what so many have come to believe, like working hard, building big ministries, fulfilling the dynamics of church growth like a dear friend, pastor and mentor calls it *smiles* nor new buildings. It is about life that you can see, hear, perceive, taste and touch; an euphoria you can bask in every single day that you live…
I know my words are ineffective at painting an accurate picture, but you know what I’m talking about. You’ve had moments like that, haven’t you?

I’ve seen it happen over and over again, in fact a couple of times I’ve been in the front row seat, a first-hand witness to such life changing situations; ok so I’m not so old but it is such a scourge in our generation, even a new born babe can already feel the pressure of it all and of course generations before ours. For somehow in our walk with God, we accord unnecessary importance to the wrong things and end up so way off track, distracted and diverted from His true life. I can boldly acknowledge, I’ve been there also.

It happened in the early church too, you know, in Ephesus. Their theology was impregnable, they knew the truth so well they could spot error like a fly in a bowl of soup at a hundred paces, they were not afraid to confront the liars and crooks in the ministry, their resilience in the face of horrendous trials and tribulations was second to none in all Christendom. Suffering seemed to make them stronger the longer they faced it and they never grumbled and whined and nagged when aggressively attacked by others. But for all that, was Jesus pleased with them? (Check out the whole letter in Revelation chapter 2.)
Amazing isn’t it? What they lacked generated such emptiness, a void such that any good they might have achieved or attained unto was swallowed up by it. They had left the all-consuming love they had for Jesus in the beginning and without it their service had become meaningless.

Do you know that you can get so busy working for him that you lose sight of knowing him? Your service becomes no longer motivated by your love for Him or His for you and this makes everything you do in His name not just worthless, but cataclysmically damaging in its effects actually.

I’m sure by now you’re screaming, this sounds so much like me! This is everything I have been thinking! I know, and it’s not because I’m a psychic or something, it is because it’s an old story. It’s been rerun a million times under a million different names. *sighs*

Do you remember the day the love of Jesus first captured your heart? How you were passionate about your walk with God? And how that in the process, you could see God at work in your life, old habits fell away, God’s presence became stronger than your needs and you were reading the Bible at every opportunity? Do you remember talking to God about everything? Do you remember a time when you were joyful, free and alive in your faith?
What happened to that?
You became so distracted, that’s what happened; by all the work, activities and meetings that you soon lost that joy of simply loving Jesus. There is nothing the Father desires for you more than you falling precisely in the arms of his love and never moving from that place for the rest of your life. God’s plan from the days of creation to the last days was designed to bring people into the relationship of love that the Father, Son and Spirit have shared for eternity. He wants nothing more, nothing less—and nothing else!
This is not some God afar off, who sent his Son with a list of rules and regulations to follow or rituals to practice. His goal was to invite us into His love—into an intimacy with His Father that he described as friendship. But what do we do? We are so quickly enslaved by a works-driven religious culture that thrives on guilt, conformity and manipulation that it devours the very love it seeks to sustain.

In Ephesus it was fishing and flushing out false teachers, in Galatia it was getting everyone to obey the Old Testament rituals. Today it is to get people to cooperate with the church program. It doesn’t matter what distracts people’s attention and leads them away from God’s life; anything will do, as long as it bamboozles them long enough to serve as a passable replacement for the real thing. The devil is smart; don’t be deceived, he is, he is always about looking for more subtle, highly captivating schemes to lure the children of God out of God’s embrace.

You see, it’s easier to identify the problem when the rules and commandments are on circumcision and sacrifices and dressing all the way in Ephesus than when it is Sunday morning church attendance right in front of your very nose. But both can lead to the same place; burnt – out, bored and disillusioned believers, no longer embracing the Father’s life. No matter how good it is, the routine eventually withers the life. So when I say to be confused, to have questions, to be bored and disillusioned is good, I know what I’m saying.
Because when you come to that divine realization, (yes divine, ’cause it is not by your power, it is still God drawing you to Himself by Himself) so when you come to that divine realization that the routine you’ve stumbled into is not substantially contributing to your desire to know God better, some incredible things begin to happen, I’m a living witness. Trust me, sitting through the same program week after week wears thin, well, you know that already.

Ok, wait; just in case you’re still wondering what this is all about, let me ask you another question; aren’t you tired of finding yourself year after year falling in to the same temptations, praying the same unanswered prayers and seeing no evidence that you are growing to discern God’s voice with any greater clarity?

Let me tell you something, something I can vouch for with my life but I don’t even have to, its written everywhere in the pages of the Bible; “God’s desire to have an intimate relationship with you has not waned over time and will never wane.”

So you want this life that I speak of, you want to break free of the monotonous, enslaving rituals….well, it is very simple and it won’t take much from you.

Be real with the Father and resist the urges to crawl back into your shell and silently endure lifelessness.

Do not be afraid to be weak, to be broken, to make a mistake, to admit you are wrong. Be humble enough to admit you do not know. Own up to your fears, own up to your struggles; for your struggle stems from the call of God’s Spirit to your own.

Ask him to forgive you for substituting anything for the power of his love and invite him to show you how your diligent efforts at good works for him may be obscuring his love for you.

Ask Him to show you how to simply rest in His love, it is such an uncomplicated, beautiful relationship asking for absolutely nothing in return.

Ask Him to help you let go of your pride, your high-mindedness and self-righteousness; then let God do the rest.
He will draw you to Himself by Himself.

This is what Jesus meant when He said “Whoever does not welcome the kingdom of God like a little child will certainly not enter it” (Mark 10:13-16). To daily encounter God in His fullness and beauty, the best thing is to take on the teachability of a child’s heart, a heart that is spontaneously open, that is not afraid, that is not clogged with the cares and worries of this world, whose total dependency is on His father, that dares to ask whenever in doubt, that loves so purely and wants to be loved too.

Won’t it be a joy again to wake up confident about being loved by God every day, without having to earn it by any act of righteousness on your part?

That is the secret to first love. Don’t try to earn it because the harder you try the emptier and more frustrated you’ll be. Just know that you are accepted and loved, not for what you can do for God, and not somehow hoping that you will be worthy of his acceptance for whatever reasons, but because his greatest desire is to have you as one of his children. Jesus came to remove any obstacle that would prevent that from happening.

The kingdom of God is the one place where you really do get what you seek, because that is the point of the whole thing. If you are looking for a relationship with God then you will surely find it.

I am sure by now you are wondering “then why don’t I have it? I thought that is what I had been seeking all along.” You see, no doubt, it might have been at first. But this works the other way around as well. If you look at what you’ve ended up with, then you’ll know what you’ve really been seeking!

So what have you been seeking?
And what do you now seek?

There’s more…
Stay posted!
God bless you!

Oluwatobi Onadipe

A Sequel to “The Mask”


Protection from the hurts and harms of those around us comes second nature to most. National security, home security, protection of our personal property, protection of our computer files and every other form of protection under the sun fills our minds constantly.
But by far the most widely used protection system known to mankind is the protective masks that each and every one of us wear to protect ourselves from one another.
Fitting in and the need to conform to the manner of those around us in order to avoid ostracism is something that we’ve all had to deal with on one level or another.
In fact, we have taken the task of protecting ourselves to another level by not only masking who we are, but in many cases attempting to become that which we seek to protect ourselves from.

Fitting in and the need to conform to the manner of those around us in order to avoid ostracism is something that we’ve all had to deal with on one level or another.
When dealing with our young people, we label being forced to wear the mask of conformity “peer pressure”. I’ve always believed that peer pressure was something that affected only young people.
I’m learning that peer pressure and the desire to conform as a means of protection from others is a lifelong battle for some. Pressure to wear the mask of conformity actually intensifies as we grow older.
A child who breaks down or acts out under the stress of pressure to conform, doesn’t raise eyebrows in society today. In fact, peer pressure is expected to a degree.
On the other hand, it can be terrifying for a responsible adult who may have the admiration and respect of his family and friends to crumble under the pressure that conformity brings.
So to make sure that all weaknesses are concealed in the circles we travel in, we pick up more and more masks, burying who we really are under tons of falsehoods and lies.
There is no place where our masks are displayed more prominently for others to see than in the church. If there was ever a place where we should feel at ease and be able to lay down our masks and be ourselves it should be in the church. But in many cases, I find that the church is one big masquerade ball.
Maybe we want to portray the images of what we think reflects the life of Christ. Maybe we want to make others believe that the Word we say we believe is actually working in our lives. Maybe it’s a sense of pride. But in most instances, I find that we as adults are still wearing the masks of protection we’ve held onto from childhood.

I don’t have the answers. This article isn’t about providing answers. This article is written to cause us to take a good long look at ourselves in the mirror and begin to deal with what has been hidden behind the various masks we have worn for years.

We will never truly experience life until we are at liberty to put down our masks and freely be the people that God created us to be. If you’ve lived your life attempting to protect yourself from the comments, thoughts and opinion of others I encourage you to take a look at who you are. Look deep inside yourself and rediscover you.
Begin to take the necessary steps to become the person God created you to be. Step out in faith and lay your mask of protection down while simultaneously allowing God to be your protector.
True happiness in life can only be attained when you are living for God, expressing your personality, thoughts, views and opinions in the way He created you.
Aspiring to be one in a million goes against the very nature of who you are, a unique one of a kind creature of God. Dare to be different and allow God to express Himself through you like He can through no one other than you.

Culled from:

#PornAgainChristian by Reverend Olamide Craig

The Simple Truth on breaking free from these shackles that hold you bound…very practical also!


Menoword’s note: I follow an incredible minister called Rev Craig and he posted some tweets yesterday night that impacted me very deeply. I got his kind permission to put all his tweets together and create a blog post. The only editing I have done is to remove the words “young men” from the second sentence in the post. Please read this post with an open heart, I hope that it will bless you. And don’t think that this only relates to porn – I learned many of these lessons while struggling with financial responsibility – it applies across the board to anything that anyone might be struggling with and also contains wonderful lessons on generally living a victorious Christian life. You can find Rev Craig on Twitter @RevDrCraig or check out his blog at 



Tonight, I want to stand with a friend of…

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